Directors' Notes

If you have not yet renewed your membership; all current cards expire on June 30th 2024. Payments may be made in person with the doorman or you may mail your check along with the renewal form to the club at: 433 E. Terrace Ave, Lakewood, NY 14750. Please allow a week after payment for processing. Cards must be picked up at the front door. They will not be mailed. Any membership questions may be directed to Gayle in the office at 763-3955. Current rates are listed below:

MEN UNDER AGE 65: $120.00
MEN AGE 65 & UP: $110.00
LADIES UNDER AGE 65: $100.00
LADIES AGE 65 & UP: $90.00

Applications for new male members will be available on July 1. We will accept them the entire month of July and the approval process will take place in early August.

Auxiliary News

The Auxiliary Board will meet on Thursday, April 4th in the board room at 6:30 pm. On Tuesday, April 9th we will have our "Pot Luck" Dinner starting at 6 pm in the board room. Please bring a dish to share! We will be honoring Past Presidents this evening.

In May the Auxiliary Board will meet on Thursday, May 9th at 6:30 pm in the board room. Our Auxiliary Meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 14th at 7 pm in the board room. We will hold a memorial service for the members we lost this past year.

Scholarship applications are still available. The recipient must be a child, grandchild, or otherwise related to an Auxiliary Member in good standing to qualify. To obtain an application or for further info please contact Arline Hazenberg at 488-0553. Fully completed applications MUST be returned prior to May 1, 2024.

Coming up in June will be our annual Chicken BBQ/Summer Picnic. More details will be available soon!

We have no helpers, greeters, or anyone signed up to do refreshments at our meetings which leaves the Officers to take care of it. There will be a sign-up sheet if anyone is interested in helping out. Thank you!